Current Faculty

Rene Luis S. Mata


Assistant Professor

Gerard Rey A. Lico, Ph.D.


Emilio U. Ozaeta

Assistant Professor

Emilio Ozaeta holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of the Philippines. He has been a practicing architect since 1983 and a faculty member of the College of Architecture of the University of the Philippines since 1999. His research and extension service interests include architectural education and phenomenology in architecture where he has he undertaken several projects for Pila in Laguna, Sariaya in Quezon, Quiapo in Manila, and San Juan City in Metro Manila.

Carmen Bettina Silao-Bulaong

Assistant Professor

Carmen Bettina Silao-Bulaong is a Bachelor of Science degree holder in Architecture from the University of the Philippines. She has worked since 1990 in different architectural, urban planning and interior design firms until she finally established her own private practice in 1996 as an Architectural Designer and Contractor. She pursued her Masters of Arts degree in Architecture specializing in the Restoration of Monuments as a Filipina scholar at the Escuela Nacional de Conservación, Restauración y Museografía “Manuel Castillo de Negrete” in México, Distrito Federal in 2000-2002. She dedicates her career to the realm of Architectural Conservation and is currently the Academics and Workshop Coordinator of the Escuela Taller Intramuros, a vocational school that aims to empower the youth by teaching them skills that are related to the construction industry, specifically geared towards traditional construction methods. She is a Senior Lecturer at the College of Architecture at the University of the Philippines. She teaches Architectural History Theory and Criticism and also handles introductory Design Classes to freshmen students.


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