About HTC

The Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism Studio Laboratory


The Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism Studio Laboratory, or HTC, is a faculty unit UP College of Architecture for the advancement of Philippine architectural theory, history, and architectural appreciation as an art form.

Tasked with the definitive research on Philippine architecture, the HTC was created in 2000 to address the alarming lack of critical thought on Philippine architecture. With the predominant dependence on Western–based architectural research and inquiry in architectural design and discourse the HTC faculty then sought to look into Philippine architecture through historical and theoretical research first and foremost as an alternative approach.

Today the HTC Studio Laboratory manages several academic courses within the undergraduate architecture program of the College. These courses seek to instill in the Filipino architectural student nationalistic understanding as well as provide an important and necessary foundation for the development of architectural knowledge for the student. Parallel to academic teaching the Studio Laboratory also undertakes various research and extension projects which aim to produce and develop significant knowledge in its specific field.


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