Instructions and Guidelines


1. Read the following very carefully:

a. Instructions and Guidelines

b. Architectural Writing (click here)

c. Examples of architectural writing

Dr. Farnsworths Fury

Sixties Redux

2. Write your essay on this year’s competition topic:

The topic of this architectural writing competition is the mall complex. Competition participants should select an existing mall complex located anywhere in the Philippines. The mall complex should have a series of shops, commercial establishments and restaurants. There should be at least one attached department store, atleast one supermarket, cinema and parking areas.

In the essay, the participants should take into consideration the architecture, the interior design and landscape architecture that makes up the entire complex. In addition to this, one must also take into account the location or placement of the mall complex in relation to its immediate vicinity.

Your essay must be in English and must include a single original photograph of the subject of your essay. Your work must follow the recommendations set forth in the readings above. All entries will be screened for compliance with these and only those following the recommendations and the required format below will be selected for judging.

3. Your work must be formatted as follows:

a. Essay and photograph must not be more than two pages of A4-sized paper.

b. Your essay must be written in Microsoft Word using the Times New Roman font, 12 points, single-spaced, and using the default margins.

c. The title in boldface and your personal code (to be explained later) must be centered at the top of the first page.

d. Your title must also be placed as footer, flushed to the right on the second page.

e. The photograph must follow beneath the title on the first page and must not be larger than one-third of the length of the page.

f. The essay must then follow beneath the photograph continuing up to second page.

4. Fill up the Application Form completely in the Microsoft Word format. For your Personal Code, choose an alphanumeric code of six to eight characters. The judges will only see your work and the code thus avoiding any biases. Your code will only be known by the competition organizers.

5. Email the following as attachments:

a. completed Application Form

b. your entry in the required format

c. a scanned certificate from your academic institution stating that you are a bona fide enrolled student of that institution, signed by the head of your department, school, institute, or college as the case may be, and showing the institution’s logo

d. a scanned notarized affidavit attesting that you are the sole author of the work, both the written essay and the photograph, and that the work is original and not published anywhere else

Email all these to:


Address your email message to:

Rene Luis S. Mata

Head, Competition Organization Team

The deadline for submitting entries is 6 February 2013. Works received after that date will not be selected for judging. Works submitted by that date but are incomplete shall likewise not be selected for judging.

6. There will be a panel of five judges from the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, art studies or humanities, and architectural writing for this competition. Your work will be judged on quality of thought, writing style, appropriateness of photograph, and overall presentation.

7. The results of the judging will be announced on this website on the last week of  February 2013 to the first week of March. Winners and the heads of their academic institutions will also be notified by email.

8. Winning entries and selected works will be exhibited in March 2013. Watch this website for details.

9. The awarding ceremonies will be held on 7 March 2013 in Metro Manila. Details of this event will be given on this website and sent in the notification email to the winners. Winners must be in attendance at the awarding ceremonies and must present their school ID to claim their prizes.


8 thoughts on “

  1. Goodevening, I am interested to join this competition alongside my friend, is it possible for a team of two to pass one essay? And the application form link is not clickable or working.

    • The link for the application form is now fixed.
      For some reason it didn’t function when it was uploaded before.
      Sorry about that

      About having co-authors for entries, the faculty said that they do not allow it.

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